Throughout his career, Gordon has received many awards and distinctions, both from the PR/Communications industry and from his extensive volunteer and community work. He is the Past Chair of Canada’s oldest think tank, the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs.

Video Clips

Audio Files

An interview with Mireille Mathieu done in January 1967 in Calgary, Alberta.
August 9-1993 - CBL-AM Radio Noon - Christopher Thomas with Gordon McIvor, President, Couchiching Institue of Public Affairs
Entretien avec Jean Carrière
Dr. Gordon McIvor in conversation with Shirley Gibson - 1992 Couchiching Conf. Series
Yves Berger en direct du Restaurant Tiberce à Paris avec G. McIvor
Entretien avec Jean Joubert
Gordon McIvor Commercial
Gordon McIvor Narration
In Flanders Fields
Interview avec Yves Berger - 16-04-1976
Promoting Entertainment And Arts CPRS. Toronto Nov. 20, 1986

Memory Lane

Minister Katheryn McGarry greated me as her first visitor as Ontario's Minister of Transportation at Queen's Park
At the Harvard Business School, late 2000s
Welcoming France’s Minister of Culture to the Alliance Française, Toronto circa 2012
At the Taj Mahal with the World Bank, April 2012
Getting ready to commence construction on the new theatre at the Alliance Française in Toronto, circa 2013
Being welcomed as a guest lecturer at Royal Roads University
With the administrative team of the Canadian Public Relations Society
Coming off a successful presentation at CPRS, the Canadian Public Relations Society
Fun with tribal dancers in central Kenya, circa 2011
CPRS Toronto Board, mid 1980s.
Going back to my hometown of Calgary with the National Executive Forum on Public Property, circa 2013
My cameo in “Just an Inconvenience”, a documentary film by Terry McGlade about the life of Rosemary Donnelly
My retirement party at the Québec legislature, May 2016
With the co-founder of Blackberry, Jim Balsillie
Management Team of CN Real Estate, circa 1990
Learning about starting life again in Canada from Syrian refugees, circa 2016
With former Prime Minister Paul Martin at the Empire Club
Hosting a miitary commemoration ceremony Edmonton Alberta late 2000s
Preparing meeting agenda for the National Executive Forum on Public Property with Jan Devonshire, circa 2014
With cryptocurrency guru Don Tapscott at the Empire Club of Canada, circa 2018
Presenting a primer on real property governance at the World Bank, Bogota, Colombia, circa 2014
With CTV personality Lisa Laflamme and the legendary Nona MacDonald Heaslip.
With colleagues at CN Real Estate the day before the opening of SkyDome in Toronto, Spring 1990
With Kelly Craft, Donald Trump's US Ambassador to Canada
With friend and PR guru Barbara Jesson
With Ontario’s Minister of Finance Charles Sousa, 2016
Being presented Volunteer of the Year Award at CPRS National Conference, Quebec City, mid 1990s
With Hal and Eric Jackman
With my Board of Directors at my last meeting as President at the Alliance Française, circa 2012
With friend, author and spiritual seeker of truth Betty Steinhauer
With my gang at the National Executive Forum of Public Property, Calgary, circa 2014
With the “Old Boys”…the original management team at Canada Lands Company, circa 2017
Opening the Burnaby Business Park in British Columbia, May 1995
With Governor General Michelle Jean at the CN Tower
On the town with World Bank colleagues, Bogota, Columbia circa 2013
With the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, circa 2015
Annual Report photo at Canada Lands Company, late 1990s
Chatting with Michele Obama at the G20 in Toronto, 2010
Another business portrait
Homecoming Speech day at my Alma Mater Glendon College (York University), circa 2013
Another meeting as President of the Alliance Française language schools, circa 2012
Dominic Delassandro of Manulife Financial receiving the CEO of the Year Award
Magazine and billboard ad for Scotiabank, circa 1971. I would work at their headquarters as a senior manager a decade later.
In Yellowknife with the National Executive Forum on Public Property, circa 2012.
Marseille, France a few days before the official defense of my doctoral thesis, circa 1980
Official business portrait taken at the Taj Mahal, India, circa 2012
My Grandfather Gordon Forbes who gave me my name, circa 1935
The magic of the Stanley Cup is in every Canadian_s heart
Presenting at the World Public Relations Forum, 2016.
Sharing a laugh with Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, March 24th, 2017
Official spokesperson for Canada Lands Company, 1995-2011
Starting my year as President of the Empire Club of Canada, September 2015
Standing on the Equator in Kenya, circa 2011
Striking a pose for International Top Models in the mid 70s. I remember always being amazed at how much money these gigs paid!
With Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at the lighting of the CN Tower in Toronto, circa 2008
Trying on headgear in the office of the World Bank’s Indian HQ building, New Delhi, India circa 2012
With Bob Rae at the Canadian Club, circa 2002
With Alberta Premier Rachael Notley, circa 2016
With CBC television personality Vashy Kapalos
With Bluma Appel and Pamela Wallen at the Canadian Public Relations Society luncheon sensitizing the Canadian business community about the AIDS epidemic, circa 1984
With broadcaster Amanda Lang at the Empire Club of Canada, circa 2016
With Bollywood superstar Suneil Shetty, Bombay Cricket Club, April 2012
With Cambridge MP Bryan May and Cambridge Mayor Katheryn McGarry, circa 2018
International Top Models publicity photo, mid 1970s.
On the set of the Wayne and Shuster Comedy Hour, Toronto, circa 1972
With CIBC CEO Victor Dodig at the Empire Club, circa 2018
First brush with fame… page 2 of The Albertan (newspaper) December 1965
With hockey legend Guy Lafleur hosting Canada’s first corporate satellite press conference announcing the twinning of Scotiabank and National Bank ABMs, circa 1983
With federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna
Getting ready to interview French superstar Mireille Matthieu at the age of 12 Calgary Alberta circa 1966
With Federal Minister Navdeep Bains and my Cambridge MP, Bryan May, circa 2016
With Michael Ignatieff at the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs, early 1990s.
With Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan
With iconic Canadian politician John Crosbie at Government House, Saint John’s, Newfoundland, circa 2010
With Kathy Milsom, President and CEO of Canada Lands Company, and some of Canada’s greatest war heroes, Calgary, Alberta
With Motown legend Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Toronto circa 1985
With my dear friend and colleague Antoinette Tummillo
With Masai Ujuri, GM of the Toronto Raptors at the Nation Builder of the Year Award 2019
With Senior Management team at Lavalin, circa 1982
With Ontario Premiere Kathleen Wynn at the Empire Club circa 2016
With Prime Minister John Turner, circa 2016
With Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his office at PMO shortly after he won the election
With Russian real property guru Olga Kaganova, Calgary, Alberta circa 2014
With Olympic Gold Medalist Nancy Green, circa 2010
Business portrait from early 2000s
With the director and producers of the Canadian play “Sounding Thunder”
Glory moment at newly-opened SkyDome in Toronto, circa 1989.
Painting of me done in Montpellier, France 1980
Getting ready to host a CPRS event in Toronto, circa 1990
With Loblaw CEO Galen Weston at the CEO of the year award.
With cultural guru Gail Lord at the Alliance Française
Modelling shot for International Top Models, Toronto, circa 1972
With Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and the Past Presidents of the Empire Club of Canada, circa 2016
Tony Hauser portrait, late 1980s
With Canada’s Ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, who helped the American hostages escape Teheran following the revolution in that country
With Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his wife Aline at 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of Canada’s PM

My Father, My Teacher

Donald K McIvor Toronto Public Library,1981
With my Father, who prepared me so well for a corporate career, at the end of his life
Donald K. McIvor 1983
My parents being presented to the Queen, Buckingham Palace, circa 1988
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